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Summer Season

Our plants are all growing like mad (the ones that are summer growers of course) and the cactus blooms are unbelievable daily. Epiphylums have come and gone and the other cacti are really showing off

The most spectacular blooms at this time of year are the Agaves and Yuccas. Their incredible bloom stalks rise up 20 feet and more above the tops of the plants. Our "Plant of the Month" for this period are the Yuccas. They are putting on a terrific show, both in our garden as well as in nature. With the record rainfall that Southern California experienced this past winter, all of the native plants are growing at a far faster rate than normally. The local Yuccas have out done themselves.

Pay attention to your plants. Many of them will not want any water at all when the temperature goes above 100 deg. F. The technical term for this unusual phenomonon is CAM of Crassulacean Acid Metabolism which allows the plants that use it to shut down their functions with the outside world when temperatures reach more than 100 deg F. Overwatering in this period can cause your plants to rot.

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