South Africa 2009
The Richtersveld

4 Days in one of the most unusual places
on our earth.
Arid (50mm or 2" of rainfall per year);
Lush (the Orange River);
And full of succulents

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Kuboes and one of the most famous Succulent spots on earth, the hill at Wondergat, home to
a small forest of Aloe pillasii and more wonders
The small town of Kuboes
Our delightful small Chalets
A hillside full of A. ramosissima
A look from the top
One Larryleachia only
In the fog on our way out
This aloe is going to live no matter what!
Aloes in bloom
This is the local Dassie Rat
You really can't call the road from HellsKloof Gate a road. At best a track, but when you come up over the rise and see
the Aloe pearsonii, you forget everything else. What a day, our first in the Park itself.
Aloes as far as you can see.
Gethyllis grandiflora

Richterveldtia columnaris

Crassula macowaniana
Stapelia hirsuta ssp. gariepensis
Crassula nudicaulis
Jackal Buzzard
Tromotriche pedunculata ssp. longipes
Crassula subacaulis
Conophytrum loeschianum
Conophytum bilobum
Anacampseros filamentosa
Day two. We passed a few Halfmens, that's Pachypodium namaquanum at dusk yesterday, so we headed back to
Halfmens Pass and what wonder. These fantastic succulents all over the hills up to 2.5 meters tall and more. Every one in full flower.
Out to DeHoop on the Orange River. What an idillic camping sight, other than the baboons, of course.
Magnificent Halfmens
What incredible plants
Crassula deceptor
Hoodia alstonii with Tylecodon paniculatus
Commiphora capensis

Acanthopsis disperma

Little crassulas all in a row
Adromischus alstonii
Crassula tomentosa
Tylecodon buchholzianus
Tylecodon reticulatus
Locals, hanging out near a campground
More local
Euphorbia viridiflorus
Microloma calycinum
The Gariep (Orange) River at DeHoop
Who knows? A mesemb

So, we're driving on the track and Jeni says: What color are Hoodia alstonii flowers?
Martin says, small, maybe yellow or red. Jeni says, I just saw one fully in bloom.
It took a few minutes, but we found it - What a beauty! er - stinky beauty

Day 3, north to Potjiespram, another beautiful place to camp on the river. On the way, Jeni says, wow that looks like a good
place to look for plants. Look at all of that Quartz and Granite. This hill is in Martin's GPS as Jeni's Koppie.
Incredible landscapes - look at the black sediment line in the uplift - right hand picture
Cerraria pygmaea
Different tylecodon
Beauty from the top of Jeni's Koppie
Aloe gariepensis
Orbea namaquensis
Cute cotyledon
Monsonia (Sarcocaulon ) crassicaule
Here a crassula, there a conophytum
How do they survive?
Love those commipheras
Another local
This is a long story
Out to Springbok, but on the way, we visited Lichen Hill (where baby toes grow) and the Holgat River where lots of unusual stuff was found. We tried to go in to Alexander Bay only to be told that we could not drive and would be subject to body search on the way out.
Those South Africans are very protective of their diamonds.
Lichen Hill - I wonder why it's called that?
Lithops herreri
Beautiful small pelargonium
Monsonia in the Lichen
Fenestraria rhopalophylla - Baby Toes - What a find, how exciting for us - We grow hundreds of these
Euphorbia ramiglans
Crassula nudicaulis ssp. herrei
No idea
Bulbine fruitescens
No idea
Cute little pelargonium
Vyftienmyl se Berg (Fifteen Mile Mountain), because it is 15 miles from Port Nolluth. At the southern edge of the recognized "Richtersveld", filled with succulents. What a treat!
What an imposing place
Cotyledon orbiuculata
Tylecodon buchholzianus
Crassula with 3 baby mitrophyllums
Haworthia arachnoides
Crassula pseudohemispherica
Gasteria in the rocks, mostly upside down
Conophytum bilobum
Crassula (?)
More crassula (?)
Conophytum bilobum
Anacampseros filamentosa
What a Wonderland! Those who know this place are filled with awe. I've read books about it and nearly every photographer
turns poet after visiting this place. So dry, so barren, so filled with wonder
At dawn on the Orange River

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