Changing Our Front Yard



We’ve been contemplating this for as long as we’ve lived in our current house (coming up on 15 years). Area by area, traditional Southern California garden design has given way to our passion for succulent plants. Herbs and tomatoes gave way to permanent shade structures. Back yard lawn has become home to drought tolerant plants and succulents from all over the world. Side yard used to have a 30 foot Liquid Ambar, now sports a 10 foot Yucca rostrata along with a Agave vilmoriniana (Octopus Agave) which has bloomed and today (Jan. 14, 2008) has its bloom stalk loaded with hundreds of baby plants (bulbils) along with dozens of other succulent plants.

Now the only non-succulent planting is gone. We’ve brought in tons of granite boulders; two truckloads of decomposed granite, built a new entrance walkway and will begin to install a wonderland of succulents. We plan to call our garden “The Garden of Two Worlds”. The reference is that so many of our beloved succulents reside specifically only in the “old” or the “new” world. Specimen sized cacti, aloes and others will soon begin to fill the open spaces.

Here’s a sneak preview of the future of The Garden of Two Worlds as well as it’s past.

We loved our grass

Last Summer, Grass Killed, Waiting for Action


Action! November 2007
Several Tons of Granite Boulders and
two truckloads of decomposed granite (DG)
No more olive tree, ficus, streletzia
The little plam tree has gotten a lot bigger and moved.


December 2007
Next step, New walkway

January 2008
We're Ready!
Finally! Irrigation in, Some large plants in. Feb. 2, 2008
Some nice specimens!

My talented sister! What an addition!

Here We Are
Open Gardens on Saturday
We're Ready

Six Months Later, July 10, 2008
June 2009

March 2008

March 2010
July 2011